Kristen Muench
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"[Kristen] created a wonderful mural on 3 panels of my back yard wall. It fits the back yard perfectly and really is a work of art. She even incorporated use of neighbor’s tree on the other side of the wall. It was very creative.

Kristen sent me several preliminary sketches to choose from. The preliminary sketches were also works of art. I framed one for my house in Las Cruces.

Kristen was very easy to work with and has a sunny personality. She was a hard worker and completed the project on time and within the cost estimate she gave me. If you are interested in a mural or large wall art or any type of art she is very creative and will work with your needs and suggestions.

I hope you are lucky enough to have one of her creations."

-A. Montgomery, Tucson, AZ   February 2014

Anne Montgomery of Tucson, AZ says:
Everything looks beautiful! The artwork is just gorgeous. The lion looks great and everybody was just complimenting about how cool it looked. I can’t believe how it looks like a tapestry!

- R. Guglielmi, Denver, CO May 2014
Ralph Guglielmi of Denver, CO says:
Vicky Melead Randall of Tucson, AZ says:
Just got home today. OMG - the wall is magnificent!!!!

 Everything I hoped for and MORE!!!!!! Thank You - Thank You!!!

  -Vicky Melead Randall
June 2014

Then more from Ms. Randall ...
Kristen, every single time I walk into my patio room and look at your wall and what you did to it I am still in total awe. It is so absolutely phenomenal and beautiful, and perfect.

 -Vicky Melead Randall
August 2014
We had the pleasure of working with Kristen to integrate some unique artful touches on a remodel we undertook for our home. Her talent is obvious as is her professionalism as a craftsperson.

 She listened carefully to our ideas, asked the right questions and delivered beautiful results that perfectly complement our vision.

 We were fortunate to work with her and highly recommend her for any creative project you may consider for your home.”

- Mark Phillips, Castle Pines, CO
October, 2018
Mark Phillips of Castle Pines, CO says: