Kristen Muench
The tower walls as seen from outside.
Entering the Tower through the Big Cozy Books entrance.
Hansel & Gretel
Closeup of Hansel & Gretel
Closeup of Enchanted tree
Closeup of little birds devouring bread crumbs
Red fox keeping and eye out on the red door
Side view of the niches between the Hansel & Gretel section and the Jungle Book section
Here's a frog on an iced cookie
Shows some of three panels plus the quote from Einstein across the inner beam
Detail of Baloo, Mowgli and Bagheera
Shows the ceiling Cat in the Hat cloud and Kaa, the python spelling the letters FOL (Friends Of the Library)
Ceiling showing some of Ganesha from the Jungle Book
The map of Treasure Island is found here, snuck into the column of the Jungle Book.
The tail of the mighty tiger, Shere Khan overlalps the window area.  His paw is seen to play with the ship's ropes from the Treasure Island.
A closer look at Shere Khan's paw
Long John Silver eyeing the map
One of the sailors on the Hispaniola - also a library volunteer!
Who's that peg legged dog up in the crow's nest?  Is that Zeus?
One eye'd parrot - his name is Captain Flint and he seems to agree with Long John Silver.
Overview of the Wizard of Oz section
A glimpse of Dorothy discovering the witches legs (and silver slippers) under the fallen house - AND the crate bearing the destination kudos for the mural.
Dorothy's head and the Munchkins. Dorothy is a self-portrait painted by our own Michelle Hufford - my #1 assistant in the mural.  Fabulous job, Michelle!
The Witch of the North, portrayed by another California resident - Dottie Sterling of Auburn CA.
A bit of a closer view.
Closeup showing Dorothy's hand on the couch.
Toto - aka Mini Cooper! another Sacramento resident and library Friend.
The mouse queen being tempted by candy corn on the "yellow brick road".
The Tree.
View of Peter Rabbit and into Little Women.
This tree has all sorts of mysteries to find!
Peter dives into his home hole after being chased by Mr. McGregor and taunted by the white cat.
A detail of Peter and his little house.
The two-headed monster called "ChesterPepper"
Faerie in the tree with acorn.
Detail of goodies on and around the window sill.
Overview of Little Women section.
Jo, Meg and Beth on the lawn in front of the Orchard House - actual home of the author, Louisa May Alcott.
Closer shot of Beth, the frail one.
Detail of the calico cat playing with Beth's musical (piano) skirt.
Detail of the artist, Kristen Muench, as she signs the journal that Jo March is writing.
The "end" of the mural with the final quote and Jo shown leaning up against a Big Cozy Book.
And so, as the stories go, everyone lives ......... ily ever after.  You choose!

Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library has WON the 
Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission’s District Arts Program for its support of public art. 

Final selections were made by the council membes and ......
Tower of Timeless Tales
Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library Reading Tower
This project began in 2005 before the library was built.  The concepts for the tower changed over the years and this is the beautiful final conception. All the thanks go the Pocket-Greenhaven Friends of the Library, Councilman Darrell Fong, the Pocket-Greennhaven Community, and the Sacramento Public Library  without whom this project could have never been.  Kathi Windheim is a genius and the most energetic go-getter in the world!
Below are some detail images from the Tower mural - but really, you must visit it to get the full effect of the round tower!
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