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Kristen Muench
Studio: 303-955-0400
Murals Galleries
All About ceilings and sky
Library Reading Tower
A selection of works, both exterior and interior for my wonderful clients.
If you have any questions regarding murals or would like more information, please contact us: 303-955-0400
A wide range of custom murals for children's rooms.
A gallery of clouds and upward views.
Here are rooms which incorporate sculptural papier mache with murals to create realistic 3-D effects.
These murals were painted in business and office settings to create more personalized environments.
Enchanting 360 degree colorful mural depicting Kristen's interpretation of 7 timeless children's tales.  Award winning work.
Children's Murals - Portal
Here are a number of galleries showing some of the many interesting murals I have done over the years.
Private Homes - Sailfish Ocean with Dock
Papier Mache with murals
Murals that enhance business settings
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