Kristen Muench
"Women of Word and a Few Man Made Words" (program cover image) "Special Place" watercolor by Kristen Muench, 2010.
March 19, 2023 at PACA, Erie, Pennsylvania. A program by Thasia Anne, a social worker and poet, who creates a yearly free production that marries poetry, dance and music into an informative and impactual performance. Her goal is to help the community better understand their issues and where to go for help.
Kristen is proud to to be involved with the following organizations and galleries with her contributions to the community in and around Erie, Pennsylvania, 2023.
"Excellent turnout. One of the best ever."
This Dec 3, 2023 at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle holiday show encompassed the spirit of Erie while fundraising for their new site improvements slated for 2025.
"One of Erie's finest galleries"
As of December, 2022, Kristen is showing watercolors in the gallery. Please drop by to see her work and the work of many fine artists of the area.

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