Kristen Muench
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Animal Portraits Gallery
Here are some examples of my latest work in pastels. They vary from between 12" square to 30" high.
Please contact me with your specific requests, and I will prepare a free estimate.
Mr. Clydesdale - through and through.Pastel. 11"h x 14" w.
Pastel. 12"h x 16" wide
Booker Benish. Mixed Breed, sweet as all get out. Pastel, 2017
Spike Jones Bartle, the traveler. Pastel, 2016
Baby List, the long-haired, much loved teacup chihuahua. Pastel, 2017.
Gus and Jake Warnick, the bearded Collies and fun romping friends. Pastel, 2017
Starsky Chevalier, Golden Doodle. Pastel, 2017
Caleirose Waskiewicz, Irish Wolfhound love and sweetness. Charcoal, 2015
Dexter Arbutina, Double portrait - as a puppy and as a grown up big guy. Pastel, 2017
Fraidy & Rocky Chilberg, PA, 2022, pastel
Scout Horvath, PA, 2023, pastel
"Teddy" Walker, Colorado, 2020, pastel