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Kristen Muench
Studio: 303-955-0400
Wall Frog with Exceptionally Attractive Nose
This bright, lively frog is 12" high x 61" wide x 30" long  and has built-in hangers on all 4 feet so can hang beautifully on a wall at your choice of angle. Made of papier mâché imbedded with fiberglass resin so it can withstand some wiping with a damp cloth.  (#0404 signed) Photos by David A. Harvey
$1200 plus shipping.
Raven Storyteller
The original pieces on this page are FOR SALE NOW directly from the artist.
This wall hanging papier mâché Raven has a story to tell, and he holds the keys to your imagination. He is striking, gorgeous over a doorway or placed in a high ceilinged area. Papier mâché on steel with built in hanger, he is 22"high x 20" wide x 25" deep.  (#1102 signed) Photo by KM. 
 $800 plus shipping

Squirrel & Chipmunk
These are almost ready .... wait for them.
also shown on Papier Mache page
also shown on Papier Mache page
Pysanky - Ukranian Style Eggs 
Handmade by Kristen
Handmade, whole, raw batik'd eggs which require many hours of precise "writing" with beeswax and special dyes.
Each chicken egg is whole as with traditional Pysanky those these have been blown out and hung with a lovely finding to be used as an ornament.
 Each requires hours of precise work with a handmade kistka and warmed beswax.  Please call with questions, to order one specifically, or to place an order for one with special designs and colors.  Photos by KM.
$25.00 per egg plus packing and shipping
3-D Aquarium Installation.  This fantastic installation includes the background painting of the "ocean" in your specific location at a size at least 5'h x 15'wide (as shown, but can be larger), 5 "coral reef" pieces, and 5 papier mache fish of varying species (shown above - species known and unknown!)  Artist will create the mural and install each reef and fish at your location. Pieces are stored in Tucson, Az.  Photos by Debra Whalen.
Final price to be determined by location, size of mural plus shipping costs for sculptures (contact Kristen to discuss).
  Base Approximately $5500
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Butterfly with Thistle Door

This 80"high x 30"wide door was painted for the 2014 Denver Home Show "Door Wars" competition - twelve PDPA members each received doors and customezed them for the show. Photo by KM of the door is shown of each side that match. Head of the butterfly is on the door edge. © 2014 Kristen Muench.
​$350 plus shipping
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This sculpture is now hanging at Art on the Edge Gallery, 314 Willcox Street, Castle Rock, CO  Please call them to purchase (303) 814-3300