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Heartstrings - Acrylic 20"x16" Kristen Muench 2016
Max snowboarding in the sun (notice his cool name graphic). Stars glow in the dark. Approx 4'h x 8'w.
© 2015 Kristen Muench, photo by KM
Sailfish Mural by Kristen Muench.  Taxidermied sailfish on the wall jumping over the sea and dock. © Kristen Muench, August 2014
photo by KM.  Private Home Murals.
Under the Sea Mural Enhancement by Kristen Muench
Private Home, Tucson, AZ
June 2014 and February 2016
Photos by KM
Venetian Lion Tapestry Niche Mural by Kristen Muench
Private Home, Littleton, CO
May 2014
Photo by KM
Under the Sea with friends by Kristen Muench - Sea Turtle detail.
Children's murals. January 2014
Desert Garden Wall Mural by Kristen Muench, February 2014 - see Private Home Murals.
Butterfly with Thistles Door. 80"h x 30" wide. Painted for March 2014 Denver Home Show "Door Wars" competition between PDPA members.  Flights of Fancy & For Sale Now. ©2014 Kristen Muench
Dynamic graphics in boy's room. See more in Children's murals. November 2013
Ford & Chevy Logos in epoxy on private garage floor - Private home murals -  November 2013
Photo by KM
Chevy Logo in epoxy on private garage floor - Private Home murals - November 2013
Photo by KM
Continuation of previous artist's mural - Aspens - Private home murals - November 2013
Photo by KM
Window to the Sea - Private Home Mural - 2'x3' h August 2013
Photo by KM
Cliff Dwellings with Kiva Ladder - July 2013
May 2013 - Check out this elegant Rooster with Lutheran Blessing mural Murals - Private Homes
Sept 2012 - Three Toed Sloth - Papier Mache Sculptures - Mammals
February 2013 - Giant Pink Flamingo - Papier Mache Sculptures (Birds) photo in Colorado with regular sized lawn flamingo.